Speaker spotlight: Jesse Rosen

Jesse Rosen, President and CEO of the League of American Orchestras, will speak at our first live event in San Francisco on Sunday, October 23. In this video, he shares a few reactions to recent conversations happening here on the American Orchestra Forum website — from the Attica prison riots (really! see this post if you missed it) to how music can be the catalyst for deep personal transformation. In the end, it’s all about how music, and orchestras, can connect with people and communities on the most fundamental level.

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  1. Mark Clague says:

    An amazing tale about the power of diverse perspectives in the classroom. As U.S. education becomes increasingly expensive, I hope that we’ll find ways to keep tuition down and provide support that allows a range of voices to share their experiences in the classroom. That the Internet and the 24-hour news cyclc seems to facilitate polarity only makes the need for a zone of open conversation that much more important. Of course, this also means that education needs to be even more open and embracing of different viewpoints, e.g., religious perspectives, than it has been traditionally. I see this a bit today in the military veterans from Iraq and Afganistan who come to U-M. Recently conductor Laura Jackson did a leadership workshop at the University’s Ross School of Business and a young Iraq vet, studying on the GI-Bill, remarked that leading an orchestra shared much in common with leading a platoon, mainly that it required a collaborative mixture of strong guidance and shared responsibility. His perspective had a powerful impact on all in the room.

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