Event video: Spotlight Conversation #1

On Sunday, October 23, Jesse Rosen, President/CEO, League of American Orchestras, Neil Harris, Professor of History and Art History, University of Chicago, and Mark Clague, Professor of Music, University of Michigan opened our “Talking About Community” event.

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  1. Matthew B. Dell:

    It was so great to contrast the history of orchestras in America with the comments of Jesse Rosen, Gustavo Dudamel, and Deborah Borda. So many of the discussions that we’re having right now have been going on since the 19th century: how do we increase access to music, how do we maintain quality, what repertoire is appropriate, who is our audience? El Sistema’s idea of creating citizens through music is a wonderful next step in the evolution of orchestral music in this country. Rosen and Clague also touched upon a very significant question; how do we spread this message? What is the appropriate tone? With whom should we be having this conversation?