Podcast: Chapter Eight – Considering Audiences, Part 1

For decades nobody thought very much about them. The audience was who showed up to fill the concert hall, in a largely predictable and reliable way. An orchestra scheduled and performed its subscription concerts, and the patrons came to hear them–a straightforward cause-and-effect relationship. Like many relationships in our times, this one has changed, grown more volatile, and become anything but straightforward. No one, it’s safe to say, is taking the audience for granted now.

This podcast was developed from our May 2012 live forum event and a behind-the-scenes conversation with The Cleveland Orchestra in April 2012.

Chapter Eight – Considering Audiences, Part 1

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Participants include:

  • Brent Assink, Executive Director, San Francisco Symphony
  • Matthew van Besien, Executive Director Designate, New York Philharmonic
  • Mark Clague, Associate Professor of Music, University of Michigan
  • Alan Gilbert, Music Director, New York Philharmonic
  • Gary Hanson, Executive Director, The Cleveland Orchestra
  • Sunil Iyengar, Director of the Office of Research & Analysis, National Endowment for the Arts
  • Elizabeth Scott, Chief Media and Digital Officer, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

This podcast was written and narrated by Steven Winn.

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