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Video: Why Hear It Live?

In this day and age, what is the importance of the live music experience? Read more

Podcast: Chapter Six – The Creative Challenge, Off the Stage

In a culture that exalts the individual, creativity is thought of first and foremost as the distinctive stamp of a personality, the outpouring of a specific genius or talent. But organizations can and must be creative, too, if they hope to endure and thrive. In the face of financial woes, aging...
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Podcast: Chapter Five – Orchestral Creativity, on the Stage

Where does the marvel of musical creativity come from and how does it work? What parts do muses and inspiration, intuition and the subconscious, hard work and happy accident play in the process? In this podcast, we examine the ways in which creativity can flourish, falter and forge new pathways in...
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Event video: Talking About Creativity Roundtable and Audience Q&A

One last video from our Talking About Creativity event in San Francisco is now available for viewing — the roundtable discussion and audience Q&A. Read the Talking About Creativity Roundtable transcript (pdf) Participants include: Mark Clague, Professor of Music, University of...
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Event video: John Adams, Mason Bates, Mark Clague – Talking About Creativity

This is Spotlight Conversation #1 from our Talking About Creativity event in San Francisco, March 17, 2012. Composers John Adams and Mason Bates talk about writing music for the modern orchestra, perceptions about classical music, tweeting in the concert hall, the role of technology and more....
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