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Video: Music Directors Discuss Challenges and Opportunities

With so many changes afoot in the American orchestral world, what do music directors see as particular challenges and opportunities? Read more

Video: Music Directors and The Orchestra

How exactly does a conductor work with an orchestra? We asked several music directors to speak about their philosophy and technique. Read more

Event video: Alan Gilbert and Matthew VanBesien – Talking About Audiences

Here is the first of our videos from Sunday’s live event in San Francisco, our keynote conversation with Alan Gilbert, Music Director of the New York Philharmonic and Matthew VanBesien, Executive Director Designate of the New York Philharmonic. Alan Gilbert says that his relationship...
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Alan Gilbert of the New York Philharmonic on Programming for Audiences

Alan Gilbert, Music Director of the New York Phiharmonic, joins us in San Francisco on Sunday, May 13 for our free event “Talking About Audiences.” Recently we had the chance to sit down with him to ask how he approaches programming and what role the audience plays in choosing what...
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The New York Philharmonic’s Alan Gilbert on Community: “It’s very conscious for us.”

Alan Gilbert, Music Director of the New York Philharmonic, took some time out from his rehearsal schedule in San Francisco last month to chat with us about community. He says the true importance of being the first New Yorker to lead the New York Philharmonic is that he understands what the...
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