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Brent Assink: What’s Working and What Must Work

From audience engagement, music education, and a changing relationship with the community, to technology and the best use of social media… there are a lot of questions in today’s orchestral world and not always a lot of concrete answers. Indeed, if you had to narrow it down and list...
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American Orchestra Summit at the University of Michigan

In Ann Arbor this week, arts administrators, educators, and musicians are meeting at the American Orchestra Summit, organized by our very own Mark Clague, co-moderator of the live events in San Francisco and a frequent contributor to this blog. The goal of the summit is “to inspire new...
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A Pioneering Educational Partnership: the University of Michigan and the San Francisco Symphony

Participating in all three American Orchestra Forum events will be a group of eleven graduate students from University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance. These students are enrolled in “Musicology 650: The Ensemble in America,” an upper-level doctoral research seminar organized...
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