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Chapter Seven: The View from Cleveland

The Cleveland Orchestra is one of the world’s great orchestras in by far the smallest market supporting such an institution. This podcast was developed from our behind-the-scenes conversation in April 2012 and an interview with Music Director Franz Welser-Möst.

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Chapter Eight: Considering Audiences, Part 1

Like many relationships in our times, the orchestra’s relationship to its audience has changed, grown more volatile, and become anything but straightforward. This podcast was developed from our May 2012 live forum event and a behind-the-scenes conversation with The Cleveland Orchestra in April 2012.

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Chapter Nine: Considering Audiences, Part 2

Confronted with fundamental changes in their audiences, orchestras are thinking about what they do and how they do it as never before. In this chapter we explore some of the ideas, innovations, optimism and uneasiness of the American orchestra, as it finds it way toward the audiences of the future. This podcast was developed from our May 2012 live forum event with The New York Philharmonic and backstage interviews.

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Chapter Ten: Looking Ahead, in Philadelphia and Beyond

In both its difficulties and its stategies for confronting and transcending them, The Philadelphia Orchestra strikes a resonant chord with other American orchestras, large and small. This podcast was developed from our June 2012 behind-the-scenes discussion.

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