These podcasts feature highlights from our live events and behind-the-scenes conversations with musicians, scholars, composers, executives, critics and technologists. Duration: approximately 10-15 minutes per chapter.

Chapter One: Historic Context of the American Orchestra

Drawn from the October 23, 2011 public Forum during the Los Angeles Philharmonic residency and a backstage interview with Alan Gilbert, Music Director of the New York Philharmonic, Chapter One addresses the historical and cultural roots of American orchestras and how those traditions impact and inform an orchestra’s place in the contemporary American community.

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Chapter Two: Personal Stories

The second chapter in our podcast series is about personal stories, those intimate connections between a student and a teacher that, like a pebble in a pond, send waves radiating outward. Few stories are more compelling or influential than that of Gustavo Dudamel, the Venezuelan-born conductor—and now Music Director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic—who found his own pebble-in-the-pond experience in his home country’s visionary music education and social program, El Sistema. This podcast was developed from the October 23, 2011 public Forum.

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Chapter Three: Considering Technology

No conversation about music—about any art form, for that matter—gets very far these days without addressing the impact, potential and pitfalls of technology. From high- definition broadcasts of live performances, to an audience tuned in to Facebook, Twitter and other social media, classical music must find its place in an increasingly digital community. This podcast was developed from our October 23, 2011 public Forum.

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Chapter Four: The World Has Changed

No orchestra, large or small, ever has a settled relationship with its community. It’s always a thing in flux, dynamic, fluid, fragile and complex. This podcast was developed from our behind-the-scenes conversations with leaders from the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

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Chapter Five: Orchestral Creativity, On the Stage

Where does the marvel of musical creativity come from and how does it work? In this podcast, we examine the ways in which creativity can flourish, or falter, in the symphony orchestra hall. Drawn from our March 2012 public Forum, participants include Michael Tilson Thomas, John Adams and Mason Bates.

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Chapter Six: The Creative Challenge, Off the Stage

Orchestras today are challenged as never before to find creative ways of making music and making it matter to their communities. This podcast was developed from our public Forum in March 2012 and a “Conducting Business” podcast by New York radio station WQXR.

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