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Video: Franz Welser-Möst – Music Director of The Cleveland Orchestra – on Audiences

Franz Welser-Möst, Music Director of The Cleveland Orchestra, discusses the relationship between an orchestra and the audience.

From Cartoons to Social Media – How Do You Make Classical Music Accessible?

For years “cartoons put art music in ordinary people’s lives in everyday ways.” The hijinks of Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, and Porky Pig set to classical music’s greatest hits certainly served as an entry point for one generation of music lovers. But what are the entry points of...
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Podcast: Chapter Nine – Considering Audiences, Part 2

Confronted with fundamental and ongoing changes in their audiences, orchestras are thinking about what they do and how they do it as never before. In this chapter we explore some of the ideas, innovations, optimism and uneasiness of the American orchestra, as it finds it way toward the audiences of...
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Podcast: Chapter Eight – Considering Audiences, Part 1

For decades nobody thought very much about them. The audience was who showed up to fill the concert hall, in a largely predictable and reliable way. An orchestra scheduled and performed its subscription concerts, and the patrons came to hear them–a straightforward cause-and-effect relationship....
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Attracting Younger Audiences – A College Student’s Perspective

Today’s biggest challenge for orchestras? Getting enthusiastic young people into the concert hall. This blog post by Bernard Lin won an honorable mention in our recent American Orchestra Forum blog contest. He is student at Rutgers University in New Jersey. Young audiences undoubtedly...
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